Ajanta Quartz 12W LED Bulb Cool Day Light -1 unit

Rs.215.00 Rs.185.00

Create a bright atmosphere in any room with the Ajanta Quartz LED light bulb. LED bulbs simulate daylight and offer the best contrast between colors, making them a great choice for a bathroom, kitchen, basement or study area. Whether reading, cooking or working on an intricate project, the daylight LED light bulbs provide everyday convenience and excellent illumination. With their high-quality design and beautiful light effect, Ajanta Quartz LED offer a truly simple way to beautify your home. Plus, you can save up to 90 percent energy and money by switching to LED bulbs. Quality pro to be reliable. Long-lasting performance. Instant brightness. No lead or mercury, no UV or IR radiation. Indoor, outdoor enclosed - Ajanta LED bulbs are ideal for use in table lamps, sconces, ceiling mount fixtures and other general lighting applications. They are considered to be perfect for lamps and even better when used in multiple locations in your home, so your light output is consistent throughout your home.

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