Pati lebu 1 pcs | BIG SIZE


The Kagzi Nimboo or Kagzi Lemon Plant produces citrus fruits, better known as lemons or lime fruit. They are edible. They are used for culinary purposes also. Kagji Lemons are known to have certain medicinal values. They are larger than the usual lemons and has greater juice content. Lemons are a rich source of Vitamins (especially Vitamin C) and Minerals. These citrus fruits are consumed all over the world for their nutritional value.Refrigerate them in a sealed plastic bag.
Fresh lemon juice is squeezed and added to many dishes like lemon rice, lemon tea and beverages like lemonades. The lemon peel is also edible and highly nutritious.Lemon promotes hydration and keeps the skin healthy. They help ease digestion, prevents kidney stones and freshens breath. Lemons are a very good source of Vitamin C.
Tip:-Lemon mixed with honey and water acts as a detoxifying agent.

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