TAPARIA Line Tester Analog Voltage Tester 1pcs


The blade is made from high-grade silicon - manganese steel which no other make. This steel gives spring effect also. The blade is differentially hardened and tempered to increase wear resistance and Torque value. The handle is made from high-grade C.A. Plastics, which is non -flammable and unaffected by oil, petrol, and grease, water practically anything. The tip is precision ground to 50 angle, which ensures a firm grip in the screw slot. The blade finish with bright Nickel Chrome plating effectively protects the blade against corrosion. Suitable for checking at minimum 90 DC and 60 AC voltage and maximum up to 500 Volt AC. The blade is provided with PVC insulation sleeve and resistance having 1 megaohm for preventing the electric shock.

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